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We Sell wholesale only

All the prices listed on our website are wholesale prices. No retail sales will be allowed on our website. We require Resale certificate or Business license to buy from our company.


Basic info

The shop is operated by company SILTER. Company SILTER since 1992. We sell latex using the brand "FutureFetish".


Which latex do you use?

We use high quality latex. Many famous latex companies have the same latex. We have latex from RadicalRubber in UK. We offer that latex  in 33 colors also thickness 0.25mm 0.4 mm 0.5mm 0.6mm i 0.8mm. Multicolored latex is made by ourselves.


Is there drop shipping available?

Yes, In our shop exist solution to realise drop shipping.


What is Chlorination of latex?

Since 2006, FutureFetish has treated all of their clothing with a special chlorination process, Easy-On. Chlorination makes a dramatic difference in the ease of putting on latex clothing and the comfort of the wearer. We have found that once our clients have experienced the comfort of wearing chlorinated latex, they never want to return to latex without chlorination. Chlorination is the process of enriching latex with chlorine to make the material softer and more pleasant to touch. This process also improves the garment in the following ways:

  • Chlorinated latex does not require talc in order to be worn. It is easy and fast to put on.

  • It keeps its shine better after the application of latex polish.

  • Chlorinated latex becomes more resistant to oxidation.

  • This process removes 95% of the smell of rubber from the garment.

  • It is not necessary to repeat the process; one chlorination fixes these features in the fabric for the life of the garment.

  • Chlorinated latex is sterilized and clean.

FutureFetish is first company in the world offered chlorinated latex since 2006. This service is for free. Customer have possibility to order latex chlorinated or without. Chlorinated latex is not repaired because there is no suitable adhesive.